We are a software development company that creates high-end digital products.

We are an international software company with operations situated in Germany, Bulgaria, Romania and Sweden.

We know that technology is the future. In times of digital
transformation, we can help you achieve competitive advantage and respond to
customer expectations with quality software solutions.

Among other goals, our mission is to support innovative startups on their way to become successful and global companies.


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Let’s talk about your startup. Book a free consultancy session with our experts. All sessions are strictly confidential and will commence after signing a NDA. We have built a large number of startups in different industries and we know what it takes.

We can help you organize the right team, operations, processes, business plans, budgeting, pitch, etc. so you can dedicate at 100% on your idea and passion.


Feel free to contact us at any time on any occasions like:

  • “I need a basic website. Simple, yet elegant and a remarkable presence on the Internet.”
  • “I want to sell stuff online, can you design me through the process?”
  • “I need a corporate website with simple easy to use Content Management System. No special skills or training needed please”
So here are you action items: hire me, contact us or tell us your secrets.


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